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Breakfast Champs


Champion Foodservice offers a wide variety of shelf stable breakfast meal kits.  Our menu of cereal and non-cereal options features healthy, delicious, and nutritious items from quality manufactureres such as  Kelloggs, MJM, Juice 4 U and others.  Champion can simplify your compliance efforts providing a simple , nutritious, whole grain, healthy and reinbursable breakfast meal for all of your students.  Just add milk.  


Breakfast Champs.....


  • Great for Grab N Go

  • Breakfast in the classroom

  • A complete 15 day menu cycle

  • All whole grain options

  • Cereal and non-cereal options

  • 100% Peanut Free

  • Increase participaton

  • Reduce labor



© 2016 by Champion Foodservice 

Increase participation, reduce labor.   Your simple solution to Grab- N-Go and breakfast in the classroom.  Breakfast Champs offers a simple, nutritious, delicious and affordable solution to your breakfast program

Many children do not eat a nutritious breakfast every morning.  A sad but true fact.  School principals, teachers and staff know how important the school breakfast is to ensuring that all students receive proper nutrition.  Families today live busy lives with nontraditional work hours that often make it difficult to sit down long enough in the morning to eat a nutritious breakfast. 


Universal School Breakfast increases student participation in breakfast.  Most Universal School Breakfast programs provide breakfast right in the classroom when school starts in the morning, rather than the cafeteria, which makes it much easier for children to participate and helps remove the stigma for low-income children who participate in the school breakfast program. 


How we can help.  Champion Foodservice offers nutritionally based verified meals.  Our menu cycle features at least 6 separate cereal bowl packs and 6 non-cereal bowl options.  Our meals are completely customizable as well, giving you flexibility to provide variety while still meeting your programs requirements. We’ll work closely with you to develop menus that fit your program. Each meal nutritious, convenient and when offered with milk may be reimbursable.  With Champion Foodservice you can now provide nutritious shelf-stable meals that will help you feed more children and improve your bottom line.

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