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Nutritious   &   Delicious   Customizable   Shelf-Stable   Meal  Kits




© 2016 by Champion Foodservice 


© 2016 by Champion Foodservice 

The perfect solution for Breakfast in the Class Room, Grab-N-Go, Lunches, Emergency Meals, Field Trips, Snacks, Snack Plus, Back Pack, Summer Feeding and Supper Programs. 

All of our Champs lines are ....


  • Nutritious & Delicious

  • Packed in a Clear Package

  • Whole Grain with 100% Fruit Juice

  • Customizable

  • Affordable & Convenient

  • Packed with Brands Kids Love

  • A Good Way to Increase Participation & Add to Your bottom Line


How can you provide students with nutritious and convenient meals, with budget pressures and discontinued programs? You want affordable, shelf-stable meals that increase participation and reduce time and labor… but you need to meet reimbursement meal pattern requirements. 


Champion Foodservice is helping more and more people just like you. We provide a comprehensive line of quality, nutritious, delicious, shelf-stable meals to meet your individual programs. Most importantly, we can customize your menu to balance your needs: food quality, convenience, reliability and budget. Our team works closely with leading schools to provide a broad range of whole grain, nutritious and great-tasting products that are completely customizable – from breakfast and snacks to balanced lunches.


We look forward to helping you nourish “one mind at a time,” without starving your bottom line.The schools we serve enjoy increased participation and reduced labor costs. Our customers tell us our quality, reliability, flexibibility,  and prices are unmatched.   Give us a call or email us at for nutritional information, samples, and menus. 

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